Letters to the Editor

Don’t let cable news ‘experts’ off the hook

When I watch the news broadcasts from the major providers, it amazes me what is deemed “news.” Do you seriously need to waste your time on likes of Trump tweets and celebrity gossip? There are bigger issues at hand.

Our nation is in dire need of reform. Education and health care are becoming unaffordable. Wealth inequality continues to grow. Climate change is happening. Yet Washington continues to kick the can down the road. If Washington isn’t going to do something, the rest of us must act.

With all the resources at your disposal, use them to educate your viewers. When you interview the so-called experts (politicians, strategists, CEOs, etc,), ask the tough question and don’t let them off the hook. There are so many times when questions are asked, experts avoid answering the question and you let it slide. It is time for that to change.

I encourage you to create a new story. Interview people who aren’t “experts.” Increase the volume of those who are directly affected by the choices of the politicians and other decision makers. Let their voices be heard and continue to broadcast it until the decisions makers listen.

It is time to take a stand.

Dan Herron, Avila Beach