Letters to the Editor

Don’t leave your car running when you’re not using it

It’s tempting to leave your car engine running while you order lunch at Costco, your truck parked in the drive by the food bar. It’s especially tempting when the weather is hot and you want to leave the AC on so your truck will be cool when you return to it. Consider this, please: your truck (or car) is polluting the environment, wasting the gas you paid dearly for and, perhaps most important, spoiling the meal for your SLO neighbors who are eating at one of the tables.

There is no need to leave the engine of a vehicle running unless you fear it won’t restart. If you have a passenger who is concerned about becoming too warm, roll down the windows! If you fear your vehicle will be too warm, open the windows when you return and blow out the hot air once you start the engine again and leave the parking lot. And if you are talking on your phone and leaving the engine on so you can enjoy the AC, turn it off and roll down the windows.

We all live here. On this planet, I mean. If you have the good fortune to own a vehicle, please use it wisely.

Karen Morgan, San Luis Obispo