Letters to the Editor

Central Coast Funds for Children helps young assault victims

The Abused Children’s Treatment Services (ACTS) has been an ongoing entity within San Luis Obispo County’s Behavioral Health Agency; we serve youths, usually ages 5-18, who have experienced or witnessed sexual assault.

Often during therapy sessions we learn of our clients’ interests, which plays a vital role in the healing process. Unfortunately, often these children suffer from financial barriers prohibiting their ability to participate in such interests. Central Coast Funds for Children (CCFC) continues to be our ally in helping our clients restore their sense of self and reclaim their purpose. CCFC has provided funds to our agency for over 10 years, funding specific requests for leisure and enrichment opportunities.

CCFC has generously granted the ACTS program $5,000 for this year. It is not only beneficial for trauma survivors to experience enrichment activities, but when a child hears that their tuition or gear is provided by community members out of a spirit of care and generosity, they experience a deepened validation and sense of belonging in their world.

Our families and clinicians appreciate this opportunity to share our gratitude to this generous group.

Anne Griffin, ACTS coordinator and therapist