Letters to the Editor

SLO Tribune columnist Joe Tarica needs to bring some maturity to the conversation

Joe Tarica
Joe Tarica

Hey! Back off there Mr. “Grown Up Journalist” Tarica. Your latest spewing of arrogant bile on the proposal to replace the aged motel in Paso Robles was what we from your “forgettable fifties” would call rude, crude and unrefined (Joetopia, Aug. 26).

Someday, if you reach adulthood, maybe you’ll be capable of commenting on issues outside of your “happy town” Joetopia without trashing an entire town, its citizens, long-term renters and, in fact, a whole generation and a decade about which you ignorantly admit knowing nothing.

Your swipe at the “Father Knows Best” attitude comes, I’m guessing here, probably very close to insulting your own grandparents (parents?), not too far removed from those “forgettable ’50s.” Your generation’s “Who’s Your Daddy” attitude pales in comparison.

So, here’s some advice from a ’30s/’40s/’50s survivor: Wipe the snot off your nose, brush the chip off your shoulder, hitch up those rompers and bring some maturity and intelligence to the conversation.

Ray Davis, Paso Robles