Letters to the Editor

Who are the haters? Tom Fulks is one


I read Tom Fulks’ Sunday column that finished with an observation that Republicans “didn’t bother to show” at a vigil staged by the hard left (“When it’s time to stand against hate, where are local Republican leaders?” Aug. 26).

Given that all of the attacks — both verbal and physical — emanate from the Democrat rent-a-mob, it should be a feeling of accomplishment to you that the intimidation has worked. The San Jose and San Diego rallies for Trump during the campaign were templates for attacks by the left on any attempt to stage a free speech rally. A number of those rallies around the country drew inquisitive members of the public without any violence.

Charlottesville without the left would have seen no violence. But to the Democratic Party/Black Lives Matter/antifa/hard left activists, crushing of any opposition speech is the goal. Berkeley’s riots were strictly staged to prevent conservative speakers from airing their views. The real Nazis of the 1930s used the same tactic effectively. The tiny fake Nazi organization (KKK and white supremacy) in America isn’t a threat to anybody.

But show up anywhere wearing a Trump T-shirt and be prepared to be violated if more than one Democrat is present.

Maybe the aged, feeble or even apathetic voters feel threatened by gatherings like your “Outshine the Darkness,” and that’s why they don’t show up.

They know who the violent, dangerous haters are, Mr. Fulks. And they are you.

John Paul Daly, Atascadero