Letters to the Editor

Madonna Plaza design contest in SLO is spot-on idea

Kohl’s at Madonna Plaza
Kohl’s at Madonna Plaza dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Keith Gurnee’s suggestion of a design contest for the Madonna Plaza (Letters, Aug. 23) is spot on. As a retired senior, I have driven literally thousands of Cal Poly students as an Uber driver. The conversations are always animated on a myriad of subjects. Many of the students are studying architectural engineering and landscape design.

This is a treasure of talent that Keith has identified. It wouldn’t take much to have Cal Poly and SLO sponsor a competition to repurpose and use Madonna Plaza. These students are brimming with talent and enthusiasm. Not to avail ourselves of this natural resource is to squander an opportunity. These students would bring clever and new ideas that address more than just more stores.

Laurance Shinderman, Nipomo