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Dear Andrea Seastrand: The working poor deserve a break

Columnist Andrea Seastrand
Columnist Andrea Seastrand

Dear Andrea Seastrand:

I read with interest your arguments against giving the working poor a pay raise ("Minimum wage increases: The opposite of helpful," Aug. 20). The consequences of increasing the income for poor people sound terrible! They might have to work fewer hours, some jobs might be automated and prices will go up for all of the rest of us. And worst of all, some social services might be needed for education, health care and job training.

Seriously, this sounds like the conversations my mother had with dad and their Republican friends back in the 1970s, when they were terrified the price of table grapes would go through the roof if Cesar Chavez had his way. Those people would stay, they would go to our schools, they would drive, they would go to our hospitals to have their babies. Unacceptable!

I think the working poor deserve a living wage and a shot at living a decent life. Andrea, it’s too bad all you care about is the price of your goods going up, and the possibility that some tax money will go toward things like health care and job training. You don’t have to allocate every single dollar between rent, food, transportation and health care. The working poor do. Give them a break.

Bill Miller, Paso Robles