Letters to the Editor

Hancock College should require more of a commitment from students getting free tuition

Free tuition for first-year students at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria encourages high school graduates to attend community college. The article states the value of the program is approximately $1,200 per student.

A minimum 12 units per semester and a minimum 2.0 GPA are required in the fall to attain the same privilege for the spring semester. There are similar programs offered in other community college districts.

Conceptually, this is an incentive to boost enrollment locally and to establish a path to higher education. But all that students have to do is obtain a minimum 2.0 GPA. The grade is essentially for basic introductory core-curriculum classes.

Sorry to say that a “C” isn’t much of a challenge—other than requiring students to show up for class. Why don’t administrators require more commitment from students for such entitlements? How about requiring them to work for more than just an average “C”? A “C+” or “B” average is at least making an effort to qualify for higher education opportunities.

Paul Provence, Arroyo Grande