Letters to the Editor

Remembering a trip to Carrizo Plain

Carrizo Plain
Carrizo Plain dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

It was some 30 years ago and summer when a teacher friend and I — of Arroyo Grande High School — decided to go camping at Carrizo Plain.

The weather was not too hot when we arrived at this wondrous region, an area that had at one time been populated by many remarkable people — people who had adjusted to nature’s ways for thousands of years and left behind in this, their National Monument, delightful paintings and drawings.

Parking close by, I walked about the rock admiring the truly phenomenal scenes at every turn, when rounding one boulder I came upon an owl contemplating its surroundings. Studiously it surveyed its territory. What species it was I don’t know, but here was a present resident, and I carefully passed him by in his solitude.

Inside the rock we built a quiet dinner fire, thinking of those who had preceded us and now so few remain.

As the smoke ascended to the roof of the grotto, an owl began to hoot, issuing in another glorious evening in a truly glorious bit of Central California.

Our representative, Salud Carbajal, is doing everything to help save this region.

W. R. Cole, Arroyo Grande