Letters to the Editor

There are no good Nazis or Ku Klux Klan members

President Trump’s description of the parties in the tragic conflict in Charlottesville as comprised of good people on both sides got me thinking.

Throughout my life I have gotten to know many, many people.

I have known good Christians and Jews, good atheists and evangelicals, good Mormons and Muslims. I have met good knee-jerk liberals and good right-wing conservatives. I know good police officers, and even good lawbreakers. I have met good people who are pro-choice and good people who are anti-abortion. I have met good non-drinkers and good alcoholics. And I know wonderful, good people in every racial group, sexual orientation and economic class.

But I have never, ever met a good Nazi. Or a good Klan member. The notion is absurd.

Steve Sainsbury, San Luis Obispo