Letters to the Editor

Who really benefits from SLO housing projects?

We left the congestion of medium- and high-density housing, relentless traffic on every city street and freeway, and general unfriendliness of a highly developed area in favor of the welcoming community of SLO. To say I am shocked and alarmed to hear of the city’s intentional movement toward all that we left behind is an understatement.

Large developments like Avila Ranch do not serve SLO — they serve the developers at the expense of the community. “Adequate” affordable housing comes at high cost. Traffic congestion shifts from freeways at rush hour to every city street throughout the day. Parking becomes an even greater challenge, moving residents away from our thriving and functional downtown. Public and private community services are stretched to, or beyond, their limits. The increase in day-to-day stress from traffic, parking and loss of scenic beauty results in the kind of overall unfriendliness found in congested, larger communities.

SLO is a desirable place to live precisely because of the current limitation in housing. We all chose SLO, not Santa Maria or Silicon Valley or other larger towns for a reason. Let’s not turn SLO into another sprawling city of congestion and generalized unhappiness.

Bambi Banys, San Luis Obispo