Letters to the Editor

Both Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un are acting like adolescent boys

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. AP

I was appalled when listening to our president threaten the North Koreans with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” It seems that both Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump are both acting like adolescent boys in a match of bravado by making such threats to each other. The only difference between these two and adolescent boys is that the boys usually threaten each other with fisticuffs, and the two “so called” adults threaten with weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons).

When asked why the North Koreans are building nuclear weapons and delivery systems, the North Koreans answer is to deter the United States from engaging in regime change. Given the historical record of regime change the U.S. has engaged in around the world since World War II, this is not an unfounded fear.

So I ask: When will we (the world) get some mature adult leadership? I ask this especially in light of the potential for a worldwide nuclear exchange — an event that would almost surely lead to the extinction of most forms of life.

Dr. John Zinke, Cambria