Letters to the Editor

Teach Cuesta students to be critical thinkers, not to think of themselves as victims

Cuesta College.
Cuesta College. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

Regarding the commentary from Que Dang and Deborah Wulff in the Aug. 9 Tribune, it is inconceivable to me that our taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the teaching of victimhood to college students.

We send our children to college to learn skills that will allow them to pursue a career, and to acquire the ability to engage in critical thinking. Teaching them to think of themselves as victims, and to view the comments of others as microaggressions, is the antithesis of critical thinking. It simply cultivates paranoia and stifles discourse between the sexes and the various ethnicities that exist in our society.

In our family, we have an African-American daughter-in-law and a Hispanic son-in-law. They are highly educated people who do not think of themselves as victims, and who do not embrace victimhood. If my wife and I had to parse every sentence we were about to utter to them, and weigh every word to avoid engaging in microaggressions, our social interaction would soon cease. Sowing the seeds of divisiveness is destructive, and has no place in our college system.

Roger D. Randall, Los Osos