Letters to the Editor

Sharing memories of a one-room school house

I enjoyed The Tribune Biz Buzz article on July 21 about the agriculture leaders honored at the Mid-State Fair. Your reference to Elena Twisselman Clark attending a one-room school in Bitterwater Valley brought back heartwarming memories because I was her teacher while she was in first-through-third grades at that school.

Choice Valley Elementary School was a one-school district. From September 1962 until June 1965 I was the only employee, serving as teacher, bus driver and custodian. Elena was one of my five students until three more students enrolled in the spring. The other first-grade student was Joy Bowman. Joy’s brother Bruce and sister Jeanne were in the fifth and sixth grades, and Eddie Houk was in the fourth grade.

I was a public school teacher and administrator in this county for 32 years. My experience at Choice Valley School is one of my fondest memories. The students were eager to learn and were proud to meet their parents and my expectations. Congratulations, Elena!

Tom Talbert, Arroyo Grande