Letters to the Editor

Dems, your donkey is dying

Donald Trump
Donald Trump AP

Andrea Seastrand hit the nail on the head recently (Tribune viewpoint, July 22) when she wrote about how the so-called progressives on the left should actually be called regressives, and how their deranged hatred of Donald Trump has demonized Republicans to a point of hysteria unseen in modern times.

Actually, hatred isn’t a strong enough word. Theirs is a coldly manufactured and organized rage not only against the president’s promise of a better nation, but also against all the people who support him. I suppose by now we should be used to all the lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, foul language, racial epithets and violence from the left, but it’s hard to deal with the collective power of coercive people who, like Lenin, Stalin and Saul Alinsky, are sworn enemies of truth and freedom.

The planned decline orchestrated by eight years of Barack Obama and his media propaganda machine to “fundamentally transform” America needs to stop, because only then will it be possible to completely drain the swamp of liberal stupidity and corruption. And Democrats, remember that when your donkey’s dying, it’s time to find a new ride.

Larry Bargenquast, Paso Robles