Letters to the Editor

More housing will make San Luis Obispo stronger

As a young professional, Cal Poly alumnus and local resident of San Luis Obispo, I would like to express gratitude and excitement for upcoming new home communities such as Avila Ranch, San Luis Ranch and Righetti Ranch, along with all of the infill projects coming soon.

The housing shortage here is no joke and significantly hurts the quality of life for thousands of residents. The recent letter by Ken Schwartz paints a villainous picture of housing developers and claims their developments would lead to the destruction of our community. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We can all agree that the world is constantly changing. The progress and innovation we have achieved over the last several hundred years is phenomenal. Anyone who argues that we shouldn’t develop more housing for today’s community because they believe San Luis Obispo was beautiful and ideal when they bought a home is selfish and un-American.

Building more housing is crucial to the long-term success of our city. The added units will stabilize the supply/demand imbalance, relieve congestion for the SLO workforce currently commuting from out-of-town and more efficiently utilize water and energy.

Our community is a beautiful place to live and will continue to be as long as we can provide the adequate number of new housing units. More housing equals more happiness in San Luis Obispo.

M. Faríd Shahíd, San Luis Obispo