Letters to the Editor

Fracking is not worth the risk

The commentary, “Fracking industry deserves our gratitude” by Victor Davis Hanson (Tribune, July 10) attempts to paint a rosy picture of a very dirty, extreme oil extraction industry.

Hanson states American drivers are saving more than $1,000 per year in gas money due to fracking but fails to cite the pollution contributions to our environment that will cost Americans much more in the future.

Fracking waste, otherwise known as produced water, has proven to be a high risk for groundwater contamination. The re-injection of this toxic mix back into the ground has caused earthquakes here in California and Oklahoma. We simply cannot risk our future for a small savings in gas money per year. Poisoning American’s groundwater will cost much more and will affect our country in ways we likely don’t even recognize. It is clear that clean renewable energy is our future and it’s time California joins the trailblazers of this new energy and stop investing in old, dirty energy.

Natalie Risner, San Luis Obispo