Letters to the Editor

In Trump’s New America, we have given up commonsense

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. AP

If our worldview is threatened by more information, by closer looks and critical eyes, by the best schools and the most accomplished, forward minds, maybe our world view is a weak facade.

At a restaurant, would we want a vague menu? A “sandwich with side” will always be delicious. As marksmen, would we want less information about the target and what’s beyond it? Hold up, that’s actually mom behind a tree. As an architect or homeowner, would we hire less-experienced, less-educated builders to erect our vision? Nobody’s fooling us like that. As parents, would we send credulous children into a vast and dangerous world? Of course not, they’d be eaten by bears.

Too bad, here in New America, we gave up commonsense. In Re-Great-ed America, we beat reporters and support a fence. Here in Best America, regulators and researchers are run out of town. Here atop Trump’s America, America shines, as a clown.

Scott Ziering, Atascadero