Letters to the Editor

Woman thanks SLO County Sheriff’s Office for helping find her father with Alzheimer’s

I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office for some recent experiences my family has had with them.

My father has Alzheimer’s, and I recently moved to Arroyo Grande to help take care of him. Despite our best efforts, my father has managed to escape on two occasions.

The first time he became a fugitive, he hitch-hiked his way to the airport. Several deputies were dispatched once we realized he was missing. They were very considerate and compassionate and were instrumental in locating him before he boarded a plane.

Last week, he wandered away in the middle of the night by climbing through a window and climbing over a fence. The deputies found him walking down Highway 1 in a very dangerous location. They asked him some questions, checked his name in their system and returned him to us promptly.

I have been amazed at how efficient the deputies have been, and how courteous. It is reassuring to know that these skilled officers are there ready to help community members during such difficult times. They are life savers, and they have my heartfelt appreciation.

Adina Cox, Arroyo Grande