Letters to the Editor

Smart growth with San Luis Ranch will help renters who want to stay in SLO

Proposed San Luis Ranch.
Proposed San Luis Ranch.

I am writing in support of the San Luis Ranch project. I moved to SLO a little over a year ago for a job that allows me to afford a rental in town. Even with my income, it was incredibly difficult to find an apartment to rent in town. After a long search, I eventually found a small rental unit that allows me to ride my bike to work and leave my car at home for the majority of errands.

I have fallen in love with SLO and want to stay. I have a great job, wonderful friends, and feel at home in the community. Becoming a homeowner is an important life goal for me, as it is for many others. But I don’t want to have to move to North County or 5 Cities to do so. I want to continue to live and work in SLO. I want to ride my bike or take the bus to commute to work. I want to reduce my impact on the environment while building equity in my home.

Bottom line: I want to make SLO my permanent home. Smart growth projects like San Luis Ranch will help me do that. I strongly urge you to support this project.

Briana Martenies, San Luis Obispo