Letters to the Editor

A super problem with Super Quiz

So I am adding up my Super Quiz points (page 7B, June 29) expecting my Ph.D. To my horror I discover that I “miss” question No. 8: “Who broke what barrier in 1947?”

Everyone knows (or should know) that Chuck Yeager, a captain in the U.S. Air Force, broke the sound barrier in the X-1 on Oct. 14, 1947, just down the road from here at Edwards Air Force Base. But then I realized that they don’t teach much of that kind of stuff (the right stuff) anymore. Too “militaristic” perhaps.

Yes, Mr. Jackie Robinson broke the MLB “color barrier” in 1947. I suspect that question’ No. 8’s author never considered that the event at Edwards ever happened at all. I think some male African Americans and Latin Americans play professional baseball. I think some people of all makes and models get on modern airplanes to travel somewhere on earth at sometime. Gen. Yeager is just as much an American hero as Mr. Robinson is an American icon.

Yeager’s feat is equal to Lindbergh’s (that’s “Charles”) or Gagarin’s (Call someone at Cal Poly). Yeager represents just as significant a step forward in our culture and civilization. Therefore: Question No. 8 is ambiguous. Send Ph.D via USPS.

Steve Lochen, Paso Robles