Letters to the Editor

I grew up on the Carrisa Plains — and the ‘big nothing’ should stay that way

I read with great interest The Tribune’s editorial on Carrizo Plain (June 22). I wrote and submitted a comment supporting the Plain as a national monument.

I grew up on the Carrisa Plains (what I call the part not in the monument) along Highway 58. The family ranch had several “overlook” hills, where I would spend time, just looking and feeling. I would retreat to these overlooks if stressed, and the grand views would reduce my problems to nothing.

Friends would visit and think I was nuts for living in a big nothing, but my mind had been trained through driving a tractor eight hours a day (no radio, etc.). After a few hours of thrashing about for “entertainment,” my mind would settle into the peacefulness of the land. It was a great healer.

I finally moved away to the “big city” when we sold the ranch, and as I drive around the edges of town, I’m watching the local grasslands being turned into housing tracts. How sad, as the new owners might never appreciate what once was.

I encourage your readers to comment.

Greg Beck, Citrus Heights

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