Letters to the Editor

Many thanks for help with Minetti Mini Rodeo


On behalf of the students who attended this year’s Elks Minetti Mini Rodeo, I would like to thank everyone for their contributions. Our Central Coast community sponsors and volunteers have all helped to ensure that the next generation experiences our local rodeo. Through the generous donations from businesses, families and organizations, we continue a tradition kids will remember long after the performance. It is because of the amazing people we all live near and work with that thousands of students are given the opportunity to witness a sport with deep roots in our local western heritage.

Thank you to the Santa Maria Elks Lodge No. 1538 for supporting the Recreation Office’s efforts in bringing the spirit of rodeo to each and every attendee.

A special thanks goes out to those stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base who came out to hand each student, teacher, dignitary and chaperone a U.S. flag as they entered the grandstands.

What a great annual event for the 6,000-plus students who benefit from the dedication of those who value youth education and recreation.

Lodene Blair, kindergarten teacher and Elks’ Minetti Mini Rodeo coordinator