Letters to the Editor

Looking back at 5 months of President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. AP

Looking back at five months of the Trump presidency:

▪  Donald Trump didn’t release his taxes as promised, so we don’t know his business conflicts. China granted business favors to both Trump and the Ivanka Trump brand. Ivanka’s in-laws reciprocated.

▪  No medical records. What does he have? What meds are he on? What causes his sometimes intemperate, conflicting and incoherent speech? He leaked intelligence to Russians at a meeting in the Oval Office!

▪  Early on he insulted the leaders of Mexico and Australia and recently did the same with our NATO allies, leaving us conspicuously vulnerable (and downgraded) on the world stage.

▪  Many unfilled positions; numerous resignations/firings; qualified people unwilling to work for him. Insiders describe “chaos” and a “train wreck.” In short, a vacuum wrapped in turmoil.

China capitalizes; Putin laughs; North Korea provokes.

Trump doesn’t like the presidency, so let’s make a deal with him! Better yet, Republicans start rattling the cages. We are only five months in. We have many enemies around the globe and nothing is going to improve.

He won’t survive the Russian fiasco, but maybe we can. Republicans are strengthened by getting him out ASAP. The primaries are 12 months away.

Jeanne Kinney, San Luis Obispo