Letters to the Editor

No, Donald Trump, this is not a witch hunt

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. AP

As the eight times great-granddaughter of Sarah Cloyce, a woman who was jailed for witchcraft in Salem, I resent President Donald Trump’s tweets about being the victim of a witch hunt. During the Salem witch hunt, scores of innocent people, mostly women, were imprisoned for witchcraft. Twenty of them were executed, including my ancestor’s sisters, with no investigation and specious testimony.

In Trump’s case, his own words and actions led to the appointment of a special counsel; his obstructive behavior has already been documented. This is not a witch hunt. A thorough investigation of his financial dealings and his possible obstruction will occur. This is not a witch hunt. Even if the evidence shows he is guilty of crimes, he will not be jailed or executed. This is not a witch hunt, either.

My ancestor Sarah lost her liberty, her security and her sisters during the Salem witch hunt. The American people are the losers now, not Donald Trump.

Eileen O’Grady, Templeton