Letters to the Editor

Marriage is changing as U.S. social norms change

The statistic that you probably have heard about divorce is wrong. Fifty percent of marriages do not end in divorce. Rather, the rate is actually lower.

Cultural and societal norms in America are changing. For most millennials, marriage is no longer a main priority in life. Young people are choosing to pursue their education, follow their passions, and secure a career and their financial stability before saying their “I do’s.” As a result, people are choosing to marry later in life. The average marriage age for men today is 29, while for women it is 27. When singles decide to make this commitment later, it reduces their chances of getting a divorce. They are more mature, less likely to go through drastic and unanticipated life changes, and have a better sense of who they are and what they want.

If you want to prevent the possibility of getting a divorce in life, try to avoid having this mindset. Date around. Get to know yourself. Chase your dreams. If you are still a “lonely” single now, you only have more freedom to live a life to make decisions completely on your own. Do not fret.

Katie Im, San Luis Obispo