Letters to the Editor

Vocal Arts Ensemble thanks SLO for 40 years of support

The Vocal Arts Ensemble of San Luis Obispo held its Season Finale Concert to conclude its 40th anniversary on June 4, and it was truly a love fest. As one of the singers on stage, I was moved by the depth of feeling. The singers truly “sang from the heart” as they performed music that had been selected from the past 40 years, including the very first piece performed by VAE. Our founder and conductor, Gary Lamprecht, made magic with our hearts and voices on that day, and our audience gave us their support as we sang to them.

When we sing to our audience, we open our hearts and give to them our purest selves. Thank you, San Luis Obispo, for 40 years of love, support and listening. We could sing in the shower all day, but without you out there listening to us, cheering us on, supporting us and loving us, we could not go out into the world and share our passion. Thank you to Gary and Pat Lamprecht and Barbara Hoff for 40 years of dedication and hard work. June 4 was truly a love fest to you from all of us.

Thank you for sharing your passion.

Leslie McKinley, President, Vocal Arts Ensemble