Letters to the Editor

Road rage in SLO County reflects self-centered society

To the woman in the brown SUV speeding westbound on Foothill Boulevard through the intersection at Chorro Street around 3 p.m. on Monday, June 5:

As I pulled out from Chorro Street across Foothill to turn left onto Broad Street, I slowed to allow a bicyclist to make the turn in front of me. This caused me to partially block your lane for a few seconds while I moved into position. Unfortunately, you felt it necessary to lay on your horn and fly the finger as you passed, keeping it in view to make sure I saw it.

Not only is such behavior a sign of stupidity, but it also bespeaks the low-class, self-centered worldview that is so characteristic of our graceless age, an age all too often defined by a lack of common decency even among strangers. I wonder if you, or anyone exhibiting such behavior, would do so if you had to look the person in the eye?

A word of caution: It is unwise to gesture to someone to “eff off” in this day and age. A less kind, secure person than me just might choose to follow you wherever you’re going and confront you.

Mark Clayton, San Luis Obispo