Letters to the Editor

Thanks to letter writer for his service in SLO and insight on snowflakes


Bravo to Steve Sainsbury for showing us the true architecture of a snowflake and its strength within! (“Snowflakes are not so weak after all, June 3.”) His work, morals and ethics of what he does here in SLO and around the world to help humanity is tantamount to “walking the walk, not talking the talk.” Misguided Trump supporters, who are the real fools of “fake news,” can’t discern fact from fiction. As much as Republicans have hated Democratic presidents and Democrats have hated Republican presidents in the past, (most of us are, to a degree, guilty of this), nothing compares to what is going on now. We have a bunch of lemmings who would blindly jump over the cliff in response to the Holy Grail of Trump and his cronies. Even the Pied Piper would be envious!

Merriam-Webster definitions of pied piper:

▪  a charismatic person who attracts followers

▪  a leader who makes irresponsible promises

Jeff Eidelman, San Luis Obispo