Letters to the Editor

Upset about Trump’s pullout of Paris accord? Here’s what you can do in SLO County


Last week, Trump put a gun to America and pulled the trigger, by pulling America out of the Paris accord. Leaders around the world watched with bewilderment. Only one leader agrees with Trump, and he is a tyrant with whom we are mortally engaged — Hassan of Syria. Nicaragua didn’t sign on, but only because they felt it didn’t do enough!

What can concerned citizens do? I suggest supporting scientists, the prophets of our age. Locally, people concerned about climate change are meeting Monday, June 12, at 6 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall, behind the the Community Church, at 5850 Rosario Ave. in Atascadero. People, like retired astrophysicist Ray Weymann, will be working on ways to reduce the harm of climate change. If you have questions, visit www.centralcoastclimatescience.org. The North County Action Coalition website can be found at www.northcountyactioncoalition.org. Click on the “action groups” tab to access the climate change action group.

Readers are invited to join us in working for the redemption of our nation and the sustainability of life on our planet.

Jim Carlisle, Atascadero