Letters to the Editor

Keep the doors open at Planned Parenthood


I made an appointment for a gynecological checkup at Planned Parenthood with the “in-plan” doctor I selected. The entry doors were steel at the call-box entry. The clerk sat behind bulletproof glass in the waiting room that had video camera surveillance, and the door to the exam rooms was buzz-entry.

In the waiting room were men and women, primarily young, as well as a senior citizen. Some had appointments and some were walk-ins. Clerk and client conversations indicated a no cost/low cost sliding scale of fees as well as acceptance of private insurance.

Services for women include: tests and treatment for pregnancy, birth control, STDs, yeast infections, vaginitis, HPV, menopause, breast cancer, pelvic exams and pap tests and abortion.

Services for men are: screening exams and treatment for reproductive and sexual health, colon, prostate, and testicular cancer, condoms, vasectomies, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and STDs.

I had no idea that Planned Parenthood provided the full range of services for both men and women in one location. I was unaware they serve the homeless, the uninsured, the under-insured, and the fully insured with the same deference. We need to keep Planned Parenthood’s doors open.

Pamela Mahony, Arroyo Grande