Letters to the Editor

Slowing down Highway 46 traffic will save lives


For years we have read about horrific auto wrecks on our Highway 41 as it goes eastward and turns off toward Fresno or continues on toward Bakersfield. Drivers have to make an unprotected turn across traffic coming on Highway 46 from the east.

That unprotected intersection and the 5-mile stretch heading our way, back through Cholame, has claimed hundreds of lives over the years. Without any claims at being an overpaid Caltrans highway engineer, I know that a complicated overpass and cloverleaf configuration won’t be funded anytime soon. Instead, we should put large, flashing signs on the highways for 5 miles in all directions of these highways, reduce the speed limit to 45 mph, warn drivers about radar enforcement, install speed bumps (like rumble-strips on the highway edge) on the highway, and have at least a full month of CHP radar/citation.

Let the drivers gripe about the bumps and the tickets. I’ve driven this road hundreds of times and believe radically slowing down the traffic will save lives.

R.L. Hyde, Morro Bay