Letters to the Editor

Advice for those missing the Advice Goddess

In response to Ms. Julie Moerman, I, too, missed both the Advice Goddess and News of the Weird, so I emailed the editor of the Ticket, Sarah Linn. She graciously called to explain that it was the readers who caused the columns to go away: Reader surveys consistently placed these two items on the bottom of the popularity list, and as The Tribune has to pay syndication fees, they were cut.

She said she, too, was a fan and hoped readers would respond and help get the columns back.

Meanwhile, I have been getting my Goddess fix at her website, www.advicegoddess.com/ag-columns-blog/newindex.html and on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/amyalkon.

I don’t look to her for scientifically sound truths, just good human advice done with humor and compassion.

John A. Hartz, Sr., Arroyo Grande