Letters to the Editor

Letter writer asks: ‘What would Bernie do?’

SLO City Council members
SLO City Council members nwilson@thetribunenews.com

Two weeks ago, the SLO City Council decided not to agendize the issue of campaign financing and, for a second time, gave up their opportunity to at least discuss a citywide “democracy voucher” program.

I have followed this campaign for over two years put forth by Bill Ostrander and his group, Citizens Congress. I was encouraged with the new slate of “progressives” elected to the SLO City Council and assumed they would provide a favorable moment in time to take up this issue.

Their decision I found very interesting. The arguments not to agendize the “democracy voucher” program now were surprising. The city and SLO County have been on the forefront and led the nation on a number of important issues, including the no-smoking ban. I think it is the essential issue for our country, and the “wait and learn” attitude to see what other municipalities come up with has long since passed. Considering who we have as president is the best reason to take up campaign financing in every city council and statehouse across the nation.

I applaud SLO Progressives for their impassioned support of this issue. After all, what would Bernie do?

Lee Perkins, Atascadero