Letters to the Editor

Trump and Congress should openly welcome an investigation. Why don’t they?

President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump. AP

Trump says he fired FBI Director Comey because of the “Russia thing,” that thing being Russia’s involvement in our election, which every intelligence agency has determined occurred.

So far, he’s fired Comey, Sally Yates (whose decision not to enforce the ill-thought-out travel ban has so far been upheld) and the U.S. attorney in New York who was investigating Trump. They were all doing their jobs, independent of politics. Of course, he fired Flynn, but only because Flynn got caught. Is it possible that Trump just misses saying “you’re fired”?

If the president and his administration have nothing to hide and are so concerned about the FBI’s handling of the “Russia thing,” they should be screaming for an investigation that is independent of the FBI, the House and the Senate, and the administration. Why aren’t they? Why don’t the Republicans in Congress realize that if they don’t support an independent investigation, when this cover-up gets blown (and it will), their credibility, their integrity and their party will be severely damaged.

Arlie Grant, Arroyo Grande