Letters to the Editor

Concerned about the use of e-cigarettes in SLO County

I’m concerned about the use of e-cigarettes or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Devices in my local community, where I work and spend the majority of my time.

Although SLO County is one of the highest advocates for a smoke-free community, there is still not enough regulation in some of the cities surrounding San Luis Obispo, specifically Morro Bay. It is essential that the county implement stricter laws regarding the public use of ENDDs in Morro Bay to ensure they cannot be used in public areas.

These laws are not only necessary to eliminate the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, but also to prevent local youths from seeing these ENDDs being used in public settings. This is very important due to the fact that the use of these ENDDs is becoming a growing problem, as their prevalence among youths has begun to soar — and the more youths see these devices being used, the more likely they are to use them later on.

It is my hope that in making this change, we can hinder the increasing prevalence of these devices now before it is too late.

Shiloh Walton, San Luis Obispo