Letters to the Editor

South County Transit passenger tired of plugging his nose

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I have been riding the local South County Transit bus for 14 years. It’s been a great service to the community. It gets me where I want to go, and I rely on it to go to work and do things with my family.

The past several months, there have been serious issues with bad hygiene. RTA and SCT have a code of conduct that states that people with bad hygiene and offensive odors can’t ride. That policy has been ignored. There are passengers who are allowed back on the bus after they are removed for a day or two and are told to clean up and they don’t or can’t — no excuse.

We don’t want to smell it and we plug our noses. Many passengers are just fed up and it makes the bus really unpleasant to ride. RTA has really disappointed me and all of us. I want the public to know and RTA to know that we are standing up for our bus and our drivers. We want something done about it fast. Thank you

Joseph Holmes, Oceano