Letters to the Editor

Eagle Ranch should remain under control of San Luis Obispo County

Tour of Eagle Ranch south of Atascadero where a new development is proposed.
Tour of Eagle Ranch south of Atascadero where a new development is proposed. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Atascadero residents should not allow the Atascadero City Council to approve the proposed and misguided annexation of the beautiful and historic Eagle Ranch into the city.

Both Atascadero and the Ranch will suffer severe consequences from serious traffic issues, local neighborhood intrusion, urban sprawl and serious environmental damages, especially with over 2,500 mature oak trees slated to be cut down.

Atascadero residents need to write to the City Council before May 17 with their concerns to stop the annexation. Basically, it is not the Ranch development that is being opposed, but the idea that the Atascadero City Council wants to annex a historical, well-known site solely to gain more hiking trails at a huge undetermined financial cost to Atascadero residents. That’s beyond belief.

The Ranch needs to remain under county jurisdiction, as it has been since 1916. The Atascadero City Council has never produced a financial analysis, as promised in 2008, to justify this proposed annexation. Why hasn’t it? The city is proposing that Ranch developers build a retail shopping strip, high density housing and two hotels, but there is no mention as to who would develop or manage the hotels.

This urban sprawl would front on Highway 101. Gone would be the views of green hills and open space.

Red Heesch, Atascadero