Letters to the Editor

Victor Davis Hanson left out a few details about George Wallace

Victor Davis Hanson, in his effort to compare the 1972 political season to the approaching 2020 season, characterizes George Wallace as a “former Democrat,” “states’ rights,” “working class,” “populist” candidate whose appeal siphoned Democratic votes.

Sounds like Wallace was a good ol’ boy just looking out for his neighbors and protectin’ us from that “radical” hippie McGovern. Hanson forgets to mention that Wallace was an overt racist and segregationist from a south that Democrats had forfeited long before the ’72 election.

If there was a “radical” in the race, it was Wallace.

Of course, Hanson trots out a few more standard, neo-con cliches about the left. “Politically correct,” “elitists,” “smug Hollywood actors.” Hey, we have better celebrities than they do. Live with it.

Then Nixon did what Republicans have been doing ever since because they know it’s the only way they can win: He cheated.

Michael S. Miller, Arroyo Grande