Letters to the Editor

Pacific Christian Center earns praise for housing plan

Kudos to the Pacific Christian Center in Arroyo Grande for trying to follow the New Testament admonishments of caring for the homeless and downtrodden. Thank you, Tribune editorial writers, for the April 30 editorial “Stop demonizing transitional housing.”

People who have been through treatment programs need our encouragement and support so they may continue taking positive steps forward in their recovery and sobriety. These people are in such desperate need due to the shortage of low-income housing. We have a community rich in resources to help these people. We need to step up to the plate and do what it takes to help in every way. If there are citizens in our community who will donate land for the placement of wild horses, then surely there must be a place in our community for the needy people who are genuinely trying to become clean, sober and law-abiding productive citizens.

D. Hustead, San Luis Obispo