Letters to the Editor

Take a chance and see upcoming production at SLO Little Theatre

San Luis Obispo Little Theatre has a hidden gem — in fact, a jewel box of gems — called Ubu’s Other Shoe, a series of plays that are as unusual as the series title.

Unusual because the cast carries scripts and reads from them, they are performed with minimal scenery and props, there are only three performances (Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday matinee), the plays are largely unknown, and they deal with themes and ideas that challenge the playgoer in language that is itself challenging.

Unusual, too, because so few seats in the theater are occupied, or were at the April 23 matinee of a play by Bryony Lavery directed by Jill Turnbow with a cast of four that probed ideas about serial killers, child molesters, forensic psychiatry, revenge and remorse: enough for any audience member to talk about at dinner that night.

It’s an axiom of the theater business that musicals fill the seats and dramas fill the mind.

There’s one more play in this season’s series, June 2-3. You never heard of it, so the title doesn’t matter. Take a chance and see it.

Marvin Sosna, Morro Bay