Letters to the Editor

Cal Poly teacher says SLO needs to work on improving conditions for pedestrians

From the time I moved to San Luis Obispo in 1978, I walked daily to Cal Poly. It was a lonely 25-minute walk on Highland — so lonely that I became known as “the teacher who walks to Cal Poly.” I tried Foothill, but all I met on Foothill were cars spewing their pollution or threatening to run over me. I quickly retreated to Highland.

Now, more and more people walk or bike on Highland. The steep parking fees on campus pushed them in the right direction. In order to be motivated, people have to reap some kind of personal gain or be helped along with the right environment. The city has improved conditions for bikers, but done little for pedestrians. Foothill was and remains horrible for pedestrians and bikes. The city must put its priorities in order and create the right conditions before building punishing, oversized apartment complexes with limited parking. This only forces people to park several blocks away from their residences and steal parking from those who live or work nearby.

We need more (and smaller) buses, sidewalks that don’t end, streets and boulevards lined with trees and stores, many safe crossings, and reasonable speed limits.

Odile Ayral, San Luis Obispo