Letters to the Editor

Needs of Nipomo children have been dragged into a political fight

We care about Nipomo’s children, not partisan politics.

Tom Fulk’s commentary (“A warning to the powers that be: The people are revolting,” April 22) is clearly political and not in the interest of our county.

We propose to all a proper, nonpolitical consideration of the lack of public facility fees (PFF) used to support the county’s fastest-growing community and second-largest population of children, Nipomo. Fulks contends that because the other districts in the county raise more hotel taxes, Lynn Compton should just shut up about those pesky PFF funds. His case is porous and lacks integrity or understanding.

Unlike hotel taxes, the intent of PFF funds are to support the developmental requirements of communities that absorb significant population growth over time. The spending must have a nexus to the community. A large percentage of these funds are dedicated to parks. Nipomo received most of the county growth and one of the smallest percentages of PFF funds. Numbers don’t lie. The children of Nipomo have no voice in this. Instead, many of them spend their afternoons playing on the ruins of the rec center they used to have. It is shameful that the needs of Nipomo and more importantly, its children, have been dragged into this distasteful political assault.

Niko Hadden, Nipomo