Letters to the Editor

Tribune, I’m disappointed that you didn’t cover science march or baseball tournament


From April 19-22, there was a high school baseball tournament played in San Luis Obispo County with teams from around the state competing at four different venues. The SLO Tigers won three games and tied one. I know because I attended three of the games, not because of any coverage by The Tribune. I still don’t know how the whole tournament came out.

On April 22, I joined the throng marching for science. It seemed like several thousand were out to dramatize the importance of science and to protest the proposed cuts to the National Institute of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation. Just how many people were involved remains as much a mystery as the results of the baseball tournament because The Tribune only ran a wire article about the national march and wrote nothing about the local demonstration.

Much of what I do see in The Tribune I have already read on national news websites. We as a community need The Tribune for local news and sports. I greatly appreciated the in-depth article awhile back about the proposed power lines through the Edna Valley, but I’ve been sorely disappointed recently.

Max Riedlsperger, San Luis Obispo