Letters to the Editor

President Donald Trump is gaslighting the United States

Examples of the “alternative fact” world of President Donald Trump:

▪  Photographs show that the crowd at his inauguration was larger than any other presidents’.

▪  The reason he lost the popular vote was because 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants voted.

▪  Look at what Muslim immigrants in Sweden did — and don’t forget the Kentucky Bowling Green massacre.

▪  No one from his campaign had communications with Russian operatives.

▪  President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump’s phone during the campaign.

How Trump is gaslighting America:

▪  When the media points out a lie, he blames the “dishonest media,” calls them “fake news” and bans them from the White House press pool.

▪  When the media asks for evidence that supports what he has said or tweeted, he claims he knows things other people don’t know and demands an investigation.

▪  When confronted with actual facts refuting his false claims, he says that he is being treated unfairly, implying that he is the victim.

For those of you who have been unfortunate enough to have been in an abusive relationship, Trump’s gaslighting behavior is painfully familiar. So America, who are you going to believe: a malignant narcissist who regularly makes stuff up to get attention, or your own eyes?

Mark de la Garza, San Luis Obispo