Letters to the Editor

Maybe the way to fix health care is to look at the auto insurance industry

Joan Decker (“Apparently some people value their cars over their health care,” April 15) brings up an interesting point. We buy auto insurance because we must. Further, auto insurance doesn’t pay for auto oil changes, tuneups, new tires or general repairs — and we pay for it ourselves.

She has hit on the way to get health insurance for all Americans. Require them to buy it, require them to pay for it themselves, and make sure the insurance only covers major medical problems.

If we all had this kind of insurance, doctor visits would likely drop in cost because people would shop for the most cost-effective doctor, and the doctor wouldn’t have to wait 60 to 120 days to get paid. You would pay for the visit the day you visit if the visit is for “normal” minor problems.

Jim Vint, Santa Maria