Letters to the Editor

There should be equal pay for equal work

The New York Times

Regarding Irene Spinello’s letter to the editor on April 9 (“Gender gap is because of women’s choices”):

The wage gap is pointing out that when a woman has the same educational level and experience as her male counterpart, she will still get paid less, even if she works full time.

As of Jan. 24, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that women earn 81.1 percent as much as their male counterparts. The American Association of University Women points out that “at every level of academic achievement, women’s median earnings are less than men’s median earnings.”

It is true that women do not negotiate the same as men and that having a family does impact the decisions made concerning commitment to a job. The issue is this: Regardless of who is working — a woman, a man, a mother, a father — there should be equal pay for equal work, no matter the gender. Based on this information, women are the gender who receive less pay. Hopefully within the next few years, women will be able to look forward to equal pay when having the same educational level and experience as men, regardless of being a woman or a mother.

Kylie Silva, Paso Robles, and Elizabeth Solorzano, Nipomo