Letters to the Editor

Tribune, bring back ‘Get Fuzzy’ comic strip

I have subscribed to The Tribune for about a year now. One of my anticipated pleasures is (was) reading Darby Conley’s “Get Fuzzy.”

This comic was the most intellectually stimulating and well-drawn comic The Tribune contained. The two characters, “Bucky” and “Satchel,” as well as their comic owner, “Rob,” provided me with laughs and thought-provoking serial stories.

Once in a great while, a cartoonist captures my attention. “Get Fuzzy” was among those few and far between comics that I really looked forward to. What happened? You have replaced Conley’s cartoon strip with a strip that is less well drawn, less thought provoking and certainly less intellectually stimulating. Get Conley’s strip back. I could use a good laugh.

Bill Moylan, Los Osos