Letters to the Editor

It’s time to fight against ‘pay for play’ politics

I’m tired of Dems and Repubs calling each other names all day long. We do not seem to grasp that neither have a vested interest in “We The People” … everything centers on power and money. The wealthy (oligarchs) control everything — the media and what the parties do and what we think about one another. As long as we’re divided, the powers that be win. We must wake up and get money out of politics, or we will never be represented for in best interests.

Power and money interests generally want what’s best for them, and that’s protecting the status quo. Why do you think we’re so divided? “Billionaires” running our country is the antithesis of “We The People.” Corps are not people like you and me; they are boards of directors maximizing profits and seeking their interests. Corps buy influence in Washington and then own our elected officials.

Only “We” can make change. It starts by taking away the “pay for play” in politics so that money doesn’t rule. Seek the truth. That’s the fix to get elected officials to be accountable. It is in our hands to change it, if only we would wake up and change it.

George Nauful, Atascadero