Letters to the Editor

With vitriolic references and complaints, Tom Fulks weaved confusing argument

Tom Fulks
Tom Fulks dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

How depressing is the hate spread by the liberal Tom Fulks in his April 9 hit piece (“Tax forms offer a peek inside the ‘dark world’ of COLAB”) on three county supervisors and COLAB for their public stance on a state-forced water district issue.

San Luis Obispo County and its many cities and unincorporated areas have been forced by state law to choose either state or local control over our water, and three supervisors chose local control for this extremely complicated issue.

However, rather than continue the debate in a rational manner, Fulks used the invective and vitriolic references 23 times to denigrate those he disagrees with. Lastly, unless one was very familiar with the water issue choice forced on us by the state, you would never have a clue as to what Fulks was complaining about, much less what alternative he thought should be considered.

Compare the zero hate in conservative Andrea Seastrand’s April 2 column (“Be careful, Californians — or you might wake up in the People’s Republic of Taxifornia”), as she clearly described the massive debt our country and state have burdened themselves with. There were no nasty references as she gently but clearly warned of the $61,000 each person owes the United States and the $11,500 each California resident owes the state.

Bob Martz, Atascadero